Expert Roofing does more than roofs. Our Fire Restoration Team has the experience and training required to restore your home to pre-loss condition from floor to ceiling!

Every homeowner’s worst fear is a fire destroying their biggest investment. The financial and emotional impact can be staggering and beyond stressful. The last things you want to worry about are fighting your insurance company and getting countless bids from dozens of contractors for all of the trades required to restore your home.

Expert Roofing offers a One-Stop-Shop for your fire restoration needs saving you precious time, money and your sanity! Your insurance company will look to pay the least amount possible to restore your home. If you’re dealing directly with your adjuster to settle your claim, this leave you having to cut corners on labor and material. Your home is the LAST place you want to cut corners. This is why it is essential to have an advocate with the claims experience and restoration knowledge of Expert Roofing in your corner. We will be there to assist in the claims process and handle the entire restoration project, providing you with the most efficient and stress-free experience possible.


Our Disaster Recovery Services

Due to fire, your home may have sustained severe damage to the roof, siding, and interior. Our company offers emergency services to keep your family safe until repairs can be made. We want to make sure that you will feel supported during this difficult time.

If you need our disaster recovery services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here are some of the things we offer to clients:


Emergency Tarping and Repairs


Free inspection to determine the extent of your damages


Direct assistance with your insurance company to assure all damage is assessed correctly


Brand new roof and siding for only the cost of your deductible


Expert craftsmanship and premium building products

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Here are some of our frequently answered questions. Please let us know if you have more questions or concerns.

Why should we work with you?

Our staff is highly trained in the assessment of storm damage, how to assist you with your claim and guiding you through the claims process. This is absolutely key to the success of your claim! 

Our products come with the highest available warranties in the market. Not only are you protected with quality workmanship and products, you can feel at ease knowing that you're also getting the best deal when it comes to warranty.

Access to the best available products AND the best chance at a successful claim is a win-win!

Do you provide free assessments?
Yes, we do! Our estimates are 100% FREE. Request a free, no obligation, in-home consultation now!
Do you help with insurance claims?

Yes, we do! We offer direct assistance with your insurance company to assure all damage is assessed correctly.

Can you help us in case of emergency?

Yes, we can! We offer disaster recovery services to property owners to make sure that their families, employees, and things are safe until repairs can be made. This includes emergency board up service, emergency tarp services, emergency or temporary repairs and emergency water extraction.

How do we contact you?

You can go to any one of our offices, message us, email us or you can call us at (877) 766 - 3341.

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