Is the deterioration of your home’s siding creating problems in other parts of the house? The siding is a necessary component for the protection and preservation of your structure, and the ultimate curb appeal of your home!

Many factors can contribute to the decline of your siding. Severe storms can hurl debris or hail that punctures or dents siding. Your siding may have become vulnerable to water, with rot as the eventual consequence becomes moisture infiltration and toxic mold. It can also simply get too old and become an eyesore, a common reason for new siding installation.

At Expert Roofing, we provide a full slate of siding repair and replacement services. You can select from a wide variety of types, manufacturers, profiles and colors for your siding, and each one comes with unique benefits.



Vinyl Siding

This is our most cost-effective product with free maintenance. For Vinyl Siding, we offer Mastic, KP, and Royal.


Premium Vinyl Siding

Although a bit more expensive than regular vinyl siding, this too comes with free maintenance and fade warranty. Premium Vinyl Siding is thicker than the standard panel, which can help protect your home against hail and debris. It also has a reinforced locking mechanism to guard you against high wind loads.


Insulated Vinyl Siding

Manufactured by Crane and Mastic, we offer insulated Vinyl Siding to our customers. Insulated vinyl siding has a contoured custom formed installation adhered to the back of the vinyl, effectively blocking heat and keeping your air-conditioning where it belongs…in your home.

Instead of using a rigid fanfold insulation, which is simply a flat panel of insulation that is installed before the siding is installed, this actually forms to the back so it’s a lot thicker, has much higher R-value, and has no air pockets.


Cedar Siding

If you want to have a rustic feel for your siding, this is the option for you! This option requires some maintenance to sustain the look and quality of the product.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Board

Sporting a wood look, James Hardie Fiber Cement Board requires very little maintenance because of its high durability. 


LP Smart Side

Similar to the James Hardie Fiber Cement Board, LP Smart Side requires little to no maintenance, is very durable, and has a beefy wood look! For those of you living near a golf course, this is the only true siding option to withstand the impact of a golf ball.

The Benefits Of Residential Siding

You can install siding in several unique materials, such as vinyl, aluminum and cedar. The different siding materials shield your house from storms, and many of them raise the energy efficiency of your house by reflecting the UV rays from the sun. You can install siding in many different colors, but when you want energy efficiency, the pale hues perform best in hotter climates.

Are you interested in learning more about your options for siding installation? Our roofers are willing to answer all your inquiries and get you set up with a meeting with one of our siding experts!

Do You Need Siding Replacement?


Seeing siding damage is not necessarily easy, but there are a handful of symptoms you can look for before serious damage sets in. Pale and distorted panels are a sign that your siding is aged and needs replacement.

If your siding panels are warped, your home is susceptible to moisture, wind damage and mold growth.

Storm damage to siding presents itself in different forms based upon what type of siding you may have. Hail with crack or break some vinyl siding, dent metal siding, crack fiber cement siding, compress or micro-fracture cedar siding and have a variety of other complications based on wind speed.  

Don’t simply brush off these issues because you don’t have any visible damage to the interior of your home. In most cases, the problem has already escalated to a much more expensive problem by the time you start to identify mold on the drywall. Expert Roofing offers FREE inspections to determine if you have anything to be concerned with, leaving you with peace of mind!

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Our staff is highly trained in the assessment of storm damage, how to assist you with your claim and guiding you through the claims process. This is absolutely key to the success of your claim! 

Our products come with the highest available warranties in the market. Not only are you protected with quality workmanship and products, you can feel at ease knowing that you're also getting the best deal when it comes to warranty.

Access to the best available products AND the best chance at a successful claim is a win-win!

Do you provide free assessments?
Yes, we do! Our estimates are 100% FREE. Request a free, no obligation, in-home consultation now!
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Yes, we do! We offer direct assistance with your insurance company to assure all damage is assessed correctly.

Can you help us in case of emergency?

Yes, we can! We offer disaster recovery services to property owners to make sure that their families, employees, and things are safe until repairs can be made. This includes emergency board up service, emergency tarp services, emergency or temporary repairs and emergency water extraction.

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